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Hi! I'm Fabian

I'm a 29 years old guy based in Bern Switzerland, who counts Photography / Videography to his biggest passions.

I initially jumped into the world of Photography / Videography as a very young boy, trying to control mom's old Canon manual-SLR Camera and frequently doing some short video with dad's Hi8-Tape Camcorder.

In 2004, i finally saved enough for my first camera, a Sony DSC-T1, the first ultra-thin compact camera which was also able to record videos. After going through all the photography basics and technical aspects with a semi-pro DSLR, i currently work with a Canon 5D Mark 3, a professional video-DSLR and some Canon prime lenses. For further information about my detailed equipment click here.

I'm mostly into Landscape, Cityscape / Architecture and Travel Photography and hope to inspire many of you guys out there to do the same, exploring new places and enjoying them trough the lens.

What i do besides working as a system-engineer and taking pictures, is described on the right.


I'm currently on my biggest adventure, cycling around the world by bicycle. I travel to satisfy my urge for exploring new places, cultures, people and the base for my photography / videography


Fitness, cycling, hiking etc. as much as possible to stay fit and as a balance to the other creative activities


I'm used to cook all the meals myself, through all different kitchens, ingredients and spices. Food is a universal language and offers pure culinary creativity. I love every part of it!

Craft Beer

A friend and i run a microbrewery in Bern. Check our Website and get a try if you're in town. Cheers!

How i do

Adobe Lightroom90%

Adobe Photoshop70%

Adobe Premiere Pro50%

Adobe Illustrator20%

Why i do